How To Be More Confident While Performing

The school I attend is based on performance. Along with a lot of other people I have always gotten nervous when I am having to perform, whether it is theater, singing, or dancing.  From experience I know that overwhelming your self with nerves can make you mess up whatever you are performing. These are a few tips on how to keep your stress level down:

  1. Practice Enough. If you practice over and over again where you have whatever it is completely  memorized you will be less nervous. When you are at the point where you could do it without hesitating or thinking about it a lot you will be able to just go on stage and say or perform it with no problem.
  2. Clear Your Schedule. If you have too many things to do around the time of your performance you may overwhelm yourself. You still have to do homework but you need to make sure that you get it done as quickly as you can and still put effort in it.
  3. Talk To Your Teacher/Director. A teacher or director knows that performing can be stressful. They have gone through it themselves and can reassure you that it will be fine.
  4. Hold A Performance For Your Family. If you are getting close to the performance date performing for just your family may help. It gives you practice with performing but it takes away a lot of the nerves that you would have in front of a big crowd.
  5. Focus On Something Else. Although you do need to be prepared for the performance thinking about something else may help. If you don’t have a outfit or costume that you have to wear focus on what you plan on wearing. You could also research your character or the meaning behind what you’re doing to motivate you.

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